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Here it is, here it is! But what? The trash category! If you arrived here, it is because either you did not find your happiness (how is it possible?), Or you said to yourself "but what more can she do besides" ?

So here you will find things like: gift ideas, bookmarks, teddy bear bow ties (what?) And everything in between! etc ...

Here are visuals of articles which have been produced and which are no longer available in order to give you ideas,

everything can be made to order in most cases!


What is cold porcelain?

I make my costume jewelry with cold porcelain from the Wepam brand. There are other brands or you can even make it yourself by following a fairly simple recipe. Unlike polymer clay of the Fimo type, cold porcelain dries in the open air and therefore does not release any toxic element during firing.  It becomes very hard after a few days and may or may not be varnished, depending on the desired finish. The colors are endless and it is a very malleable dough, so that you can achieve really fine things. However, like its cousin Fimo (and many other materials for that matter), it is recommended to avoid shocks and not to wash with it. I use silver or gold metal findings, glass or plastic beads, cotton satin ribbons, organza, waxed cotton or polyester. I can on request change the earrings attachments for stainless steel for 1 € more. For more information, do not hesitate to contact me via the form or the chat.

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