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Book sleeve... what an idea?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

For some time, I have been offering you book pockets... So what is it? I'll explain everything to you...

I had the idea last summer, I was looking for a handmade and useful gift to make for the birthday of my mother-in-law who is a fan of reading. We were on vacation together and I saw her carrying her book around like that in her purse. Who hasn't done it, you tell me... but some people (especially me) are quite picky and don't like the risk of damaging the things they appreciate. Which doesn't stop me from buying second-hand books, I want to make it clear! But I like what is new to stay as long as possible...

So I said to myself, eureka! This is a great gift idea! No sooner said than done !

Your enthusiasm on social networks pushed me to think about a possible collection but not only... explanations:

french cosmopolitan post magazine

I had already read in the Cosmopolitan magazine of May 2019 (I am late in some reading ^^) a small insert relating to a survey that I let you discover on this photo. 9/10 french read more than 20 books per year !

My decision was really made in November when I started to prepare the Christmas presents. I had just walked into a Cultur* store. I don't know if all the stores in this chain are the same, but in this one we start with the bookstore departments. I couldn't take a step because there were so many people (it was only a Friday afternoon), Arriving at the DVD section just after (I came for One Piece Wano DVDs), it was all calm, I could finally breathe... it challenged me!

I remembered this article in Cosmo and having heard a few years ago at Christmas in the newspaper of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, that books came first before money as Christmas gifts. I had found that already enormous at the time and thought that it was a positive point for the future of humanity!

Because I admit, I have rarely been offered books. I myself often offer it to my little boy even if he never asks for it and he is very happy. It seems that if you read stories to your children every night, later they will have a taste for reading... I personally have a photographic memory and it is reading that has made up for my lack of attendance on spelling as a child (I'm still often wrong eh ^^). I read in phases, nothing for a year and one a week for 6 months!

book sleeves xmas gift idea

So, I reiterated the gift idea with my son's mistress for Christmas accompanied by a Christmas romance book in pocket format and she seemed won over! (a little aside, I knew Christmas movies but I had never had the idea that there were also books before seeing this Instagram post from @elo_aux_pays_des_livres, did you know that?)

pocket size book pouch christmas gift idea school teacherpocket size book pouch christmas gift idea school teacher

Here is the why and how...

You will find in my shop padded book pockets. Indeed I put a thin layer of polyester fleece inside for more protection, and in case you need a pillow in the subway it's perfect!

They close with a button for more practicality! They can be used as gift wrapping... how to combine the ecological with the useful and the pleasant!

I store the pocket format and A5 for the moment but do not hesitate to contact me for a personalized creation (size, fabrics).

The pocket format is large enough for thick books.

The A5 format can allow you to carry a drawing pad, a notebook (why not add a pen clip!) and a lot of paperbacks fit inside!

I will soon be stocking models with more Japanese fabrics!

I hope you enjoyed my little story! Would you like a post about my favorite books? (I promise there aren't many!)

See you soon my Bunnies!

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