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Who's Bunny ?

This is the question I get asked the most! Some of you know my love for the Sailor Moon manga and will therefore have a little idea ...

Indeed, Bunny Rivière is the civil name of Sailor Moon in the French anime, her daughter being called Camille or Mini Bunny (in the 1st edition of the manga).

Bunny means rabbit in English, it does not necessarily mean the women dressed in swimsuits, bunny ears and tails who are used in some bars ... XD!

In Japan, her name is Usagi which also means rabbit and her daughter, Chibiusa (little rabbit).

In the United States, we find Serena and her daughter Rini, but also sometimes Bunny according to the different adaptations.

My stage name therefore means "Les creations de Bunny", the FR for France, you will undoubtedly understand it. I am keen to highlight our country, which is so dear to Japanese people!

I can say in a way that Sailor Moon saved my life, and if you take a moment to search the internet you will find that I am not the only one with this feeling. At first whimper and cowardly, she takes it upon herself to fight monsters and defend the earth. She sacrifices herself several times and refuses to sacrifice others, She has a heart of gold, she is the friend we would all dream of having and the person we would like to be at the same time. She accompanied me throughout my schooling and never left me. Like many, I suffered from bullying in school because I have psoriasis, she never gave up on me, I could always find refuge in her stories.

After Bunny's presentation, here is mine:

My name is Audrey, I live and I was born in Haute-Savoie (74 France), June 22, 1984 and I am therefore cancer like Bunny ... little I saw a sign! I have been married since 2012 and I have a little boy born in 2016. I started my own business in September 2020.

I am a very manual person, I have always loved sewing but I made little things by hand. I started by making costume jewelry in cold porcelain and then buying a sewing machine for my 35th birthday opened up new horizons for me!

At the beginning, I just wanted to make a few pouches to showcase my cold porcelain creations (charm, bag jewelry) and then it went off in peanuts!

I am full of ideas but I do not have enough time, the priority being my family, I work when my son is in school, so it can happen that I have a certain deadline, but you will be. always informed.

I grew up with Club Dorothée so a lot of my designs are inspired by old manga / anime but I have nothing against new ones! The goodies incorporated in my bags are all official and come from Japan, I have several intermediaries on site (proxi). Some are hard to find, so the creation is unique and the item is priced accordingly.

In addition to Japan and manga, I am also inspired by animals, nature, my mountains, TV series and video games, etc ... Is it because I am cancer that I am a big child in soul? it is possible ... In any case, I am happy to be able to offer you handmade and unique creations (for the most part). Sewing finally allows me to be able to create everything I have always dreamed of in terms of accessories and that cannot be found in the shops. I am open to any creative proposal on other themes!

That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed my little presentation! Do not hesitate if you have any questions ! See you soon my Bunnies! (and yes you have to get used to it, I'll call you that hihi!)

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