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Sailor Moon, a whole community!

Ensemble de plusieurs Heart Moon Rod Sailor Moon
Heart Moon Rod Sailor Moon

Hello community!

I already told you that Sailor Moon saved my life, didn't I?

Since the development of the Internet about twenty years ago (at least for me), Sailor Moon has never stopped helping me find friends who match me!

I was finally no longer alone!

So I dedicate this post to my friends:

  • Caro, Cha, Lau and Stéph whom I met as a young lost mother, becoming a moderator on a large French page dedicated to the universe of our idol. Thank you for your support girls, you are my Inners! (I'm Usagi, obviously XD, Mars will recognize himself hehe);

  • My Bunnylove who made me discover the site among others! So adorable, it's a wealth of information that you all must know without knowing it! Just do a French google search on Sailor Moon to inevitably come across her incredible collection! You can find her website here and her Instagram here @sailormoontoyscollection;

  • My favorite Thomas! So nice and amazing! Always there to advise and comfort me, both artistically and personally! Check out his Instagram account by clicking here @sailor_thomas;

Dessin de Sarah McFly Sailor Moon en sirène avec Tuxedo
  • My soulmate Insta Sarah! Fan of Sailor Moon but not only! Buffy, Stargate, Outlander, everything goes 😁 . She is responsible for the amazing banner on my homepage. She is a very great illustrator, do not hesitate to discover her work on her website and her Insta @mcflyartndraw. She is very attentive and has big plans, subscribe to her Newsletter to receive surprises!

Dessin de Sailor Moon Usagi et Luna en sorcière
  • Still in the illustration, I want to talk to you about Camille, my queen... Queen Camomille! Talented self-taught, our tastes are also found in many areas, especially related to our childhood! Admire her drawings on her Insta;

Dessin de Norékaku La rose et le Dragon manga 74
  • I want to tell you about my local mangaka friend, I named Aurélie aka NoréKaku. With her friend Haruna, they form "Mineplum" and self-publish the manga "The Rose and the Dragon". To find out, go here and there and on Insta @norekaku;

Boucles d'oreilles Sailor Moon Crystal Star Crisis Moon Compact So geek So chic

My jewelry designer friend, Lucie from "So Geek So Chic"! She makes beautiful wooden jewelry and many other things! I love her featherweight earrings! You can visit her website here and her Insta @sogeeksochic;

Pin's de Lumamirae représentant Chibiusa Sailor Chibi Moon et Peruru

  • Fans / collectors of pin's around here? Meet @lumamirae! Always ready to discuss Sailor Moon and One Piece, she's my Tony fan friend Tony Chopper! Here is her website!

I can't name everyone, some people came into my life, some came out, it's everyone's story... I'm sorry if I forget some, and I certainly forget some because I have many, many, many things on my mind! (don't hesitate to tell me, I will complete this article with pleasure 😊)

This post allows you to enter my daily universe and get to know me a little more through my tastes, which I hope will join yours! Did Sailor Moon change everything for you too? Do not hesitate to leave me your impressions!

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